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How To Tell If Your Frame Is Bent After An Accident

How To Tell If Your Frame Is Bent After An Accident

If you are looking for information about how to tell if your frame is bent after an accident, this post should help list the most common bent car frame symptoms! A lot of the vehicles that are involved in a collision which bends the frame will end up being totaled by an insurance company. However, now and then a vehicle ends up slipping through the post collision inspections. 

How To Tell If Your Frame Is Bent

Sometimes a bent frame may not stand out, but in time the symptoms and signs of a bent frame will start to show. The only sure-fire indication of a bent frame is when it has been bent to the point it is out of shape and clearly visible. There are some other signs that can help you in identifying an issue such as this.

If a bent frame is visible

The best way to get a really good look at the frame on your vehicle would be to get under it and look. Always use caution anytime you are getting under a vehicle, it can be even more dangerous after a collision has happened. When you do get under the vehicle you will want to look carefully for any creases and other damage that has been done to the metal frame, this is your vehicles backbone and its strength. An indication of a bent frame can be for certain if you find unusual angles or creases to the frame. You should also pay close attention for rusted areas, areas that have been creased, or other suspicious areas of your frame.

Skewed Alignment

"Proper alignment in your vehicle is what helps your vehicle stay in a straight line." [1] Should your vehicle begin to pull more to the left or to the right it could be a sign that something is wrong. If you have had the alignment of your vehicle done more than a few times or if it was aligned recently and yet, you are experiencing a pulling to the left or right, this could be a sign that the vehicles frame is bent.

Wheels Don’t Track Right

If a vehicle has a bent frame it will usually appear to drive a little bit sideways. This is also referred to a crab or walking the dog, and the reason for that is because the rear tires are no longer exactly following the front tires at this point. It causes the vehicle to look like it drives sort of sideways. One thing you can do is get someone else to follow you to see if they can see this effect happening. If it can be seen, it needs to be seen by a mechanic to find out what the issue is.

Wrong Fit For Parts

The modern passenger vehicles of today have a lot of mechanical equipment which has been becoming more and more complex over the past several years. Although the vehicle consists of thousands of different individual parts, the main thing it relies on is the frame, and if the frame is bent many of those parts may no longer fit properly. Once the frame gets bent it can cause issues such as the body panels and /or the doors not to line up properly and the doors may not even open and close. Additionally, those bolts and mounts that are needed to hold the transmission in could sheer and even break depending on why the frame is bent.

Uneven Wear in Suspension & Shocks

Manufacturers of vehicles make them to be balanced. For this reason, all the weight of the vehicle has been evenly distributed. So, when a collision causes the frame to bend it can easily throw this balance off, distributing the weight of the vehicle, as well as the occupants in it so the weight is no longer even. Which means that the extra weight on one side can cause the parts that are in the suspension to wear out more rapidly. So, if your vehicle has parts that continue to break or malfunction you need to have a mechanic take a look at it for bends or other damage to the frame.

Identify any changes in the way your doors open

"If there are changes in the way your car’s doors open and close, then it is one of the surest signs of a bent car frame. If they catch while opening or closing, then your car’s frame is bent. If they don’t open with the same width on all sides, then also your car’s frame is bent." [2]

Call A Collision Repair Expert For Frame Repair

Have you been involved in an auto collision? If so, let experts at a collision shop help you find out if your vehicles frame was bent. They can also help you by filing with your insurance and making sure that all the necessary repairs get done. Call them today if you were in a collision, the sooner you do, the sooner you can put your mind to rest.

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How to stop a Windshield Crack from Spreading

How To Stop A Windshield Crack From Spreading

If you have been looking for How you stop a windshield crack from spreading on search engines, then this post is just for you. Other than making your vehicle look bad, a cracked windshield can lead to lower visibility. It is very common issue that people often ignore small cracks for days or even weeks, but even a small crack can spread quickly and become very unsafe for driving. Additionally, it may cause your windshield to be replaced instead of just repaired.

Small damages are called stress cracks, bulls eye, star break, chips which will depend on the size and shape of the damage. It doesn’t matter why size or shape it is, eventually the crack will spread out. This will happen because the glass expands and contracting because of temperature changes and pressure.

Whenever a small rock from the car in front of you is thrown up, it could cause a star break at the place it hits. This crack may be small, but it can spread and reduce your visibility. There are plenty of affordable and straightforward methods to stop the crack from spreading.

Dangers of a windshield crack

It’s common for a drive to consider a cracked windshield to be annoying, and the problem will not get the attention it needs. It is recommended by traffic officials and safety experts to take action right away.

"When a windshield is intact, it helps transfer the force of a front-end impact down to the chassis. This lessens the effect felt inside the car and helps protect the passengers. If your car's windshield is cracked and it shatters during a collision, you and any other occupants are at greater risk of sustaining injuries." [2]

Besides giving protection against road debris and other types of elements while you drive, your windshield has a big part for safety in accidents. It directs the impact force during a front-end collision to the chassis and this is called the forward crumple zone. It was made to affect the impact it has on the interior which provides protection for a passenger.

When a collision happens, a cracked or chipped windshield can’t provide the full protection that it was designed to give. It is because of this that most state inspection facilities won’t pass a vehicle that has a windshield with a crack on a certain are or of a certain size. This helps to make sure that you have the correct safety and visibility. However, a small crack doesn’t require your windshield to be replaced.

When you take action immediately, you can save yourself money, prevent the damage from being worse, and remain on the road safely.

Evaluating the Crack

To start with, you need to review the windshield to assess the crack and decide its condition. On the off chance that it is a modest crack, you might have the capacity to repair it with a unit. If it is too huge to possibly be settled by a pack, you should take it to a shop for repairs or replacement in circumstances where it is hopeless.

To figure out which strategy is ideal, measure the size and depth of the imperfection. Cracks that are roughly a foot long, a large portion of an inch or wider, or the crack has been there for some time, the windshield ought to be replaced. View the types of windshield cracks that can be repaired

How To Stop Crack in the Windshield from Spreading

To prevent a crack from getting worse, the initial step to take is anticipating stressors, for example, water, soil, or different debris to enter the crack. By utilizing clear tape, you can help keep the crack clean in typical driving conditions, however it won't hold up under serious climates or car washes.
Even though experts can give windshield chip and crack repair administrations, there are numerous circumstances that can be dealt with effortlessly with a DIY approach, all you require is the right materials and some patience. The following are some different strategies for shielding cracks from spreading.

Purchase a Windshield Repair Kit

To repair a crack yourself, first go to your nearby car part store and get a windshield repair unit. While there are distinctive packs, they normally contain a specific tar and a connector. The sap gets constrained in the crack and seals it from outside garbage and components. This decreases stressors on the glass while keeping spreading from happening. Drill a little gap through the best layer of glass toward one side of the crack, utilizing a 1/16-inch boring tool. At that point, constrain the gum from the repair pack into the crease.

Hold Glass in Place with Super Glue

On the off chance that the flaw is minor, you can utilize standard cyanoacrylate stick, more generally known as Super Glue. You can apply it by compelling it into the crack, or by scratching spreading in an even layer. Once dried, it will help keep the two sides of the crack together, and diminishes extra spreading.

Nail Polish for a Temporary Fix

There have been some who revealed being effective with clear acrylic nail polish as an impermanent fix. Initially, clean the debris from the crack, and generously apply nail polish to both within and outside of the crack, and the external zones where cracks could spread. This can enable hold to glass together for a brief period, offering time to plan with a repair shop. Keep in mind, both the Super Glue and nail polish methods are quick fixes which will give you an opportunity to get an expert examination.

Park in the Shade

"Most of us understand that heat and cold causes things to expand and contract.  This is true of windshields as well and if you leave a windshield with a crack in the sunlight, it will spread much quicker." [1] By parking in the shade, you will bring down the effect of temperature change, and different components. Whenever possible, stopping inside a carport will help by bringing down the weight on the broken windshield.

Get Expert Advice

It is critical that you talk with a windshield repair master, as they have the required learning, knowledge, apparatuses, and materials to help with incidentally repairing your cracked windshield. They may be able to protect the crack size, to influence it to look littler than it truly is also. You can also view this guide on how to fix cracks and chips in your windshield.

Hire a Professional

After you have checked out the crack, and if a DIY repair kit is not enough to repair the crack and keep it from spreading, then you need to contact a professional windshield repair shop. For instance, you can contact Safelite or another windshield repair expert. You should never wait to have your windshield repaired.

It is always best to take action immediately, instead of waiting when it comes to a cracked windshield. A complex crack that is over 6 inches may affect your visibility and lower the strength of the windshield. Don’t wait until the crack begins to spread.

Additionally, the smaller that the crack is, the cheaper and easier it will be to fix. When you wait too long to have it repaired, the issue may get much worse. If a crack hits a point to where it is unable to be repaired, you will need to replace your whole windshield. 

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How To Pass Uber Car Inspection | Locations, Forms, Requirements

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how to pass the uber inspection

Want to Learn how to pass the Uber Inspection? 

This Uber 19 point inspection checklis, guide will explain all of the Uber Driver requirements, how to pass the Uber inspection, what the Uber Inspection Requirements are, where the Uber Vehicle Inspection Location are, and whats included in the Uber background check. In order to pass the extensive Uber car inspection there is a multitude of steps you must complete before you jump out there on the road. This guide will show you exactly what you need to know to pass the Uber Vehicle inspection. Below you will also find a list of Free Uber Vehicle Inspection Locations In Arizona.

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How To Pass The Uber Inspection?

This article will show you step by step "how to pass the Uber inspection" However, don't just think you can pass the Uber inspection with ease. Your automobile might need more automotive or auto body repair work than you think. I tried to schedule for one of the free Uber inspection places but most of them were full. So, I decided to try the $19.99 uber inspection place. I used Jiffy Lube for my Uber Inspection Location. My 2012 Chevy Malibu's bumper was slightly off due to getting rear ended at low speeds. It was only off just by an inch or so and Jiffy Lube didn't pass me.

Luckily, they didn't charge me for the inspection since they found my bumper problem right way. He checked my bumper first before he even started inspecting the interior and found that the bumper was loose and off center by a couple of inches and let me know the Uber inspection requirements are very strict and that I would surely fail if I didn't get the bumper fixed.

Lucky for me, my company WebTech.Net, does SEO for a well known auto body repair facility in Tempe, AZ that got my bumper fixed back on nice and snug. I had to do the Uber Car Inspection 3 times before I finally passed. Jiffy lube finally passed me right away after I was able to fix the loose bumper. I was then able to complete, and submit the rest of my documents to my Uber Profile for consideration. 

Needless to say, you should definitely read this article before you waste your time going back and forth to Jiffy Lube, 3 days in a row, just to keep failing the Uber Inspection. Save yourself the sweat and learn exactly how to Pass Uber Inspection the first time! Be sure to check out my post "How Much Money I Made Driving 50 trips In 30 Days For Lyft In Phoenix" if you are interested in driving for Lyft as well.

Uber Driver Requirements:

General Requirements:

  • Drivers full legal name must be named on the insurance for the vehicle
  • Car must have four doors
  • Year 2000 or newer, all vehicles valid for 15 years* 

Uber Driver Age Requirements:

  • Uber drivers must be 21 years of age
  • If you are under 23 years old, you must have more than 3 years licensing history

Uber Background Check Requirements: (What's included in the background check)

Uber's background check goes back 7 years and takes a look at:
  • Record from every county courthouse for the last 7 years
  • Records from every Federal Courthouse going back 7 years
  • DMV Records 
  • Check to see if you are a sex offender
  • Tracing of Social Security number

Driving Record Criteria Requirements:

  • Must have licensing history over 1 year
  • Must have a clean DMV record report (No more than 3 incidents in 3 years

Become An Uber Driver FAQ:

Can I drive for Uber If I have a DUI?

No you cannot drive for Uber if you have a DUI or Reckless driving charges

Can I drive for Uber if I have a felony?

No, a clean criminal background  is required to drive for Uber.

Can I drive for Uber If I have a misdemeanors?

Yes & No, no misdemeanors involving violence, theft and drugs within a certain period of time

What if I have speeding tickets, can I still drive for Uber? 

Yes, as long as your traffic violation wasnt over 20mph or more, you qualify to drive for Uber

Does Uber Perform a Credit Check?

No, Uber doesnt require a credit check, just a clean background

What Kind of Insurance Is Required To Drive For Uber?

The type of insurance required to drive for uber depends on your state and DMV. Uber has industry-standard coverage for 1 million dollars. The have a special type of insurance design for ridesharing.

Uber Vehicle Requirements

Uber Vehicle Requirements:


  • Car: Uber Car Requirements (Minimum age to drive "Uber Car" must be 21 years of age, have a 2000 or newer vehicle-maybe even 2006 or newer in some cities, and be able to pass a background check).
  • Bus: Uber-Bus Requirements (Minimum age to drive "Uber Bus" must be 22 years of age, pass a background check and undergo a 3 week training program).
  • Taxi: Uber-Taxi Requirements (Minimum age to drive "Uber Taxi" must be 21 years of age, pass a background check, pay an application fee and get fingerprinted);
  • Heavy truck: Uber-Heavy Truck Requirements (Minimum age to drive "Uber Bus" must be 21 years of age, must have a commercial driver's licence(CDL), pass a physical test and undergo private truck driving school or a 3-6 month truck driving course).
  • Delivery Truck: Uber-Delivery Truck Requirements: (Must be able to pass a physical, have a commercial driver's license and must be able to operate a manual transmission). 
  • Bus Courier Messenger: Uber-Bus Courier Requirements (Must have a high school diploma and be able to lift 75 lbs).

  • Marked Vehicles
  • Vehicles that are Salvaged


  • In ordeer to drive for Uber, you will need a vehicle that is year 2000 or newer and depending on the city, it could be 2005 car or newer to drive for Uber. If you plan on driving Uber in Phoenix, Arizona, here is a used car buying guide that should help you find a decent used car for a good price. You will also need to be able to pass a background check, be at least 21 years of age and have a valid drivers license and registration. 


  • It's been reported that Uber drivers driving at the right times of day can make a pretty decent salary. 
  • How much do Uber Driver's make per mile? $.90 cents a mile and $.16 cents per minute.
  • How much do Uber Driver's make per trip? $8.00 per trip.
  • How much do Uber Drivers make per hour? 19.04 an hour.
  • How much do Uber Driver's make a week $400 to $800 dollar per week.
  • How much do Uber Driver's make a month $1,600 to $3,200 dollar per week.
  • How much do Uber Driver's make part-time? I make around $200 per week. 
  • How much do Uber Driver's make per year? Uber drivers make an average of $30,000 to $60,000 salary per year.


  • Uber gets 20% of every dollar you bring in
  • Uber pays drivers by direct deposit once a week
  • Uber drivers  keep %80 of their earnings


  • No, you pay for all of the gas and additional expenses it takes to transport passengers
  • Uber does not pay you per mile
  • Uber does not pay you per hour

Addresses & Phone Numbers of Free Uber Vehicle Inspection Locations in Arizona

Here is the complete list of free Uber vehicle inspection locations in Arizona. Please know that some of these companies will have a waiting period for the free inspection. 

Free Uber Inspection Locations Arizona:

Here is a list of the free uber inspection locations in Arizona.
Big O Tires
4243 E Main Street
Mesa, AZ 4808543577

The Brake Shop
536 N Country Club Drive
Mesa, AZ 4809697244

Royal Car Care
1111 N Miller Road
Tempe, AZ 4802687445

Elite Auto Repair

8139 S Priest Drive #108
Tempe, AZ 4808936884

Brake Masters
1901 N Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, AZ 4809490008

Ketchum's Automotive
8900 E San Victor Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 4808608199

Uber Inspection Locations Phoenix 

25th St Automotive 
4112 N 25th Street
Phoenix, AZ 6029552637

7224 W McDowell Rd
Phoenix, AZ, 85035
(480) 949-1200

Big O Tires 
4832 E Warner Rd
Phoenix, AZ, 85044
(480) 785-4518

Firestone Central 
5449 S Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ, 85040
(602) 268-1421

Firestone Southern 
5125 W Southern Ave
Phoenix, AZ, 85339

Firestone Cave Creek 
12433 N Cave Creek Rd
Phoenix, AZ, 85022
(602) 992-9360

Firestone Union Hills 
731 E Union Hills Dr
Phoenix, AZ, 85024
(602) 992-3949

Firestone Osborn
241 W Osborn Rd
Phoenix, AZ, 85013
(602) 241-1893

Firestone Indian School
8301 W Indian School Rd
Phoenix, AZ, 85037
(623) 849-8738

Helping Hand Auto Care
10042 North Cave Creek Road
Phoenix, AZ, 85020
(602) 770-9822

Jiffy Lube
2005 E Cactus Rd
Phoenix, AZ, 85022
(602) 482-2331

42410 N Vision Way
Phoenix, AZ, 85086
(623) 551-0033

8816 N Black Canyon Hwy
Phoenix, AZ, 85051
(602) 995-9229

Documents Needed For Uber:

All of these documents need to be uploaded to your Vehicles section of your Uber Partner Account. *Important* Make sure that you have a vehicle that is 2000 or newer or you can't even start the inspection. 

Drivers License
uber Drivers License
Vehicle Insurance

uber Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle Registration

uber Vehicle Registration

Uber Vehicle Inspection Form - Below is a detailed list of everything that is included on the vehicle inspection form and the UBER 19 Point Inspection.

Uber Vehicle Inspection Form

Here is a link to download the Uber Vehicle Inspection Form pdf .


The shop that does your Uber Vehicle Inspection will do an extremely detailed UBER 19 point inspection checklist on your vehicle before they let it out on the road. Uber requires a 19 point vehicle inspection that your automobile must pass in order to pass this inspection. Trust me, you want to make sure you pass the inspection the first time. It took me three tries so I suggest that you make sure you vehicle is in tip top shop if you don't want to waste your time.
What Is The Uber Vehicle Inspection? The UBER vehicle inspection is an inspection of your vehicle to make sure it is safe to drive passengers around in. UBER wants to know that you are keeping their passengers safe! Read below to see whats included in the UBER 19 Point Inspection.

(INSTRUCTIONS AND FREE OFFER: HTTP://T.UBER.COM/PHXVI) Here's whats included in the 19 point Uber Inspection. Also, here are the instructions for applying to be an uber driver.
The Uber Car Inpection Includes:

1. Inspect Foot Brakes (Pads/Shoes/Thickness) 

Even though it only mentions brakes, they also check your rotors for ware as well. Your brakes might be fine but if your rotors have any warps in them they might fail you. Don't worry though, if you happen to have bad brakes or rotors, just take your vehicle to Jiffy Lube for the Inspection and they can replace the brakes or rotors right there on the spot to help you pass the inspection. Don't let them fool you though they were trying to get me to replace my brakes early  because they said I would need them in about 3 months.

2. Emergency Brake (Parking Brake)

This rarely goes out unless the back breaks on your car are going bad. The breaks on the back rarely go out and I doubt this will be an issue for you.

3. Steering Mechanism

They check the ball joints, tie rods, rack & pinion and bushings. If your car has a pull to the right or left it is quite possible you might have an issue in one of these areas. Take your car to an auto repair shop that does inspections for free or if you can't find one just pay the $20 for the inspection to find out everything that wrong with your car. It's a lot cheaper than paying a $69 inspection fee from a auto repair shop. Also, there are some places that do the Uber inspection for free but most likely they won't even have an appointment open for 2 or 3 weeks. The first free place I took my vehicle said that he gets at least 60 calls a day for free Uber inspections. I just paid the $20 bucks to get the convenience of not waiting.

4. UBER Windshield Cracks and Chips

Does your windshield have any small chips or cracks in it? You won't pass your Uber Car Inspection with a cracked windshiled. If you do have windshield cracks, try to find an auto glass repair shop, or you can use DIY methods of fixing you windshield chips or cracks on your own.

5. Rear Window and Other Glass

Same inspection as #4 windshield chips and cracks

6. Windshield Wiper

This one is an easy fix, any auto zone, O' Reilly, checkers or pep boys will have windshield wipers for any make any model of vehicle and will only cost you about $20 bucks.

7. Headlights

Both headlights need to be functioning. If one of your head lights are out you can easily fix them with a replacement bulb you can find at any auto parts store for around $5-$10 bucks.

8. Taillights 

Same goes for tail lights, they both need to be working and can easily replace bulbs if they are not.

9. Turn indicator lights

Front and back turn lights need to be working. If any are out just replace the bulbs and you are good to go.

10. Stop lights 

Same as #8 Tail lights

11. Front Seat Adjustment 

Are you seat power seats or move with the level below. Does the mechanism get stuck or not function sometimes? If so, you might fail the inspection. Make sure these components are functioning properly in order to pass the inspection.

12. Doors (Open, Close, Lock)

Another way to fail is if one of your doors aren't functioning properly. Make sure that all 4 doors function properly and open, close and lock with ease.

13.  Horn

As long as you can hear your horn when you press it you are good to go.

14. Speedometer

Does you speedometer not work anymore. if so you are going to need to replace it and get it functioning again, this is a sure fire way to fail the inspection.

15. Bumpers

This is where I failed my inspection 3 times. My fiance got rear ended in my car only going about 3 miles per hour which didn't even leave a dent in my bumper but did bend my license plate and leave a tiny crack in my bumper. The Uber inspection specialist noticed it right away and played with the bumper a bit to find out how loose it was. He told me that if the bumper moved at all while he was tugging on it that I would fail the inspection. He tugged on it and it moved from left to right about an 1 and 1/2 inches. He failed me and told me the only way to repair the issue was to take my vehicle to a auto body repair shop to fix my loose bumper.  He told me that I was probably missing a couple of clips that hold the bumper on due to the crash. I couldn't possibly afford a body shop to repair my bumper so I decided to inspect it myself. I removed the bumper pretty easily by popping off the clips that were holding it on under the fenders right above the tires. The bumper came off easier than I thought and I replaced all the clips and re-tightened the bumper myself. Of course I took it back to Uber and they failed me again because the bumper still moved a bit. I took it back to my house and put a screw right above the license plate where it couldn't be seen and tightened it into one of the plastic supports that support the bumper. Took it back to Uber and it passed no problem. Save myself a couple hundred to a thousand dollars by doing the work myself. The funny thing is, a guy from the auto body repair shop I called told me how to do it.

16. Muffler and Exhaust System

Must be functioning properly and can't make too much noise. If you can pass emissions you can pass this part no problem.

17. Tires Incl. Tread Depth 

Each of the tires needs to be within a certain amount of tread in order to pass. If you can put a penny in your tire and it doesn't reach Abraham Lincolns head you will l probably fail. Depending on the type of vehicle you drive your tire might cost around $200-$1,000 dollars.

Uber Tire Tread Depth Requirement:

Tire Tread depth must be at least 3/32" to pass the Uber vehicle inspection.

  • Right Front 3/32" or greater
  • Left Front 3/32" or greater
  • Right Rear 3/32" or greater
  • Left Rear 3/32" or greater
18. Interior and Exterior Rear View Mirrors 

Mirrors need to function properly and if they are electric powered you need to make sure that all the mechanisms work.

19. Safety belts for driver and passenger

Your driver side, passenger side and backseat safety belts all have to work and can't get stuck or you will fail the inspection.

Uber Vehicle Inspection Receipt

Not only do you need to submit your vehicle inspection formm but you also have to keep the receipt. So don't get all happy and throw your receipt away thinking your good to go. You are going to need and they require it in order for you to take your first Uber trip.

Photos of the Insides and Outsides of Your Vehicle 

Make sure and take well lighted, clear photos of your vehicle or Uber will not except them.

Front Bumper

Right Side 

Back Bumper

Back Seat

For additional questions and become an uber driver faq visit this link. 
IF sometime during the inspection, you get locked out of your car or experience a car ignition problem and happen to be in the Phoenix, AZ area, call a professional locksmith that can use non-damaging techniques to get your car unlocked safely and fix your car ignition problem quickly to get you back on the road.

Learn How to become an Uber Driver in Phoenix, AZ or Los Angeles, CA by reading this guide!

Think You Can Pass The Uber Inspection? Apply to Become An Uber Driver

Visit this link to apply to become an Uber Driver.