Sunday, July 31, 2016

Headlight Restoration Using TOOTHPASTE (WORKS IN 1 MINUTE!!)

Headlight Restoration Using Toothpaste

Headlight Restoration Using Toothpaste
Headlight Restoration Using Toothpaste
Using toothpaste for headlight restoration. Learn how to clean headlights with toothpaste and restore yellow headlights so they are clear again. Headlight lens restoration using regular toothpaste actually works. It doesn't take much effort, and you can get great results. Watch to see how to get your ugly headlights clear again!

In this headlight restoration video you will see Chris the car guy using toothpaste to restore his headlights back to new again using toothpaste, water, paper towels, car wax, and good ol fashioned elbow grease. I took his original video and cut it down to 1 min to make it super short and easy to follow.

Headlight Restoration Using Toothpaste Video

See his original headlight restoration video here:

Headlight Restoration using Toothpaste 3:40
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Original Video Link:

Materials you are going to need for this headlight restoration project

1. Colgate toothpaste with baking soda & peroxide
2. Toothbrush
3. Spray bottle with water (or a bucket of water lol)
4. Paper towels
5. Meguiar's G18211 Ultimate Paste Wax - 11 oz.

Step By Step How To Restore Headlights Using Toothpaste 

Step 1. Rub the toothpaste all over the headlight evenly
Step 2. Scrub the toothpaste in with a toothbrush
Step 3. Use a spray bottle of water to spray onto the toothpaste
Step 4. Wipe off the toothpaste and water with a paper towel
Step 5. Use Meguiar's Paste wax to spread all over the headlight
Step 6. Wipe excess wax off of the headlight
Step 7. Stare at your shiny new headlight from multiple angles

Toothpaste he used -

Meguiar's G18211 Ultimate Paste Wax -


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