Monday, July 18, 2016

Postmates Promo Codes Phoenix Arizona

Here are the Postmates Promo Codes for Phoenix Arizona. 

The Postmates Promo codes are also good for Mesa Arizona, Scottsdale Arizona, and Tempe Arizona. 

Postmates Promo Code Phoenix:

Try Postmates and get the best of your Phoenix delivered in minutes! Use my personal referral code, 5px3t. Save on your first free delivery (up to $10) off your first order.

Click Here to Sign Up for Postmates on your computer, Iphone, or Android Device. 

*Important - To get your first delivery for free, you must enter the below promo code after signing up!

Postmates Promo Code: 5px3t

How To Use Your Postmates Promo Code 

Step1. Click on the gear icon to open up the settings menu. 

how to redeem your postmates promo code for arizona

Step 2. Click on the option that says "add promo code"

how to redeem your postmates promo code for phoenix

Step 3. Enter promo code 5px3t into the text area.

How to type in your promo code for postmates arizona step by step guide

That's it! You've successfully earned your first free delivery from Postmates.

Other Promo Codes for Arizona 

Postmates Promo Code Existing Customers/Users Phoenix 


Postmates Promo Code Not First Time Phoenix Arizona  


Postmates Driver Promo Code Phoenix Arizona

Are you supposed to tip on Postmates?

If you are getting the delivery for free you should at least tip the driver. 10% is the recommended tip for take out or delivery costs. A full-service waiter would typically receive 15-18% and they serve you the whole meal. Think about it, the delivery driver is simply handing over your food and that's it.


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